Morocco strengthens its position as a world vegetable exporter by more than 54%.

In a review of the global vegetable and fruit market, it was about identifying countries that are key players in the international fruit and vegetable arena. And Morocco has stood out in terms of exports, especially those of tomatoes, which have enabled it to position itself well on the international market.

According to Agrotimes magazine, when it comes to vegetable exports, 5 key countries account for 53% of world exports. In 2019, they were: China 14%, the Netherlands and Mexico 11% each, Spain 10% and the United States 7%.

For its part, "Morocco has strengthened its position as an exporter by more than 54%. This increase in exports is explained by the strategic development of the country's agriculture, the essence of which is to increase the share of agricultural production in the GDP, as well as to improve the irrigation system of agricultural enterprises of fruits and vegetables ”, underlines the market study.